... Moshe Kahlon - Speaker Moshe Kahlon, The Minister of Finance, founder and head of the political party Kulanu, and a member of the security cabinet. He served as Minister of Communications and Minister of Public and Social Services in the Israeli government and was a member of parliament and Deputy Chairman of parliament on behalf of the Likud party.

Moshe Kahlon was born in 1960 and grew up in Givat Olga in Hadera. His father was a construction worker, his mother was a housewife, and he had 6 older siblings. His parents arrived from Libya and started their Zionist undertaking in a transit camp without speaking the language. His whole childhood he felt like an economic burden on his parents, and therefore never participated in school trips, and so at age 14 he decided to leave school and begin supporting his family.

In a conversation with his father that took place at 5 in the morning on a winter's day when they both got up for work, he promised his father he would break this cycle, complete his studies and become a leader.

Only at age 37, when he already had an active public and social life, did Moshe decide to complete his schooling certificate, do a first degree in political science in Haifa University, finish law studies in the Netanya Academic College and eventually arrived at Harvard in the United States for a program in Advanced Management As Minister of Communication he carried out the reform in the cellular market, which saves Israeli families thousands of shekels each year As the Minister of Social Affairs and Chairman of the Economic Committee, he developed the internal draft and increased assistance for youth at risk He corrected a banking law which regulates the supervision of fees

He cancelled the humiliating tests that the elderly had to take in order to receive funds.
Today Eden is the chairman of the executive board of Haifa University, help promoting creativity in education and serves as a mentor for new startups.

In 2006, when he competed in the Likud list in parliament, he was ranked first place.
In 2011, at the height of the Cottage Cheese protests, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Kahlon did great things, be like Kahlon and you will find a solution".
That same year, Kahlon received a special honour from the government. In 2013, he established the "Centre for Reform and Leadership" in Netanya College

During his term as Minister of Finance, he initiated many processes, amongst them a project which led to a recorded decrease of 2.3 percent in housing prices, allowing thousands of young couples to purchase a house.
Minister Kahlon doubled soldiers salaries, and in addition signed an agreement with the previous Chief of Staff which would enable every combat soldier and combat assistant to receive a free first degree when released from the army.

Kahlon provided many benefits to young families, such as savings for every child, subsidising afternoon child care, increasing minimum wage and more.

Things you won't hear about the Minister in the media: a Maccabi Haifa supporter, a shawarma lover, he loves the sea and a professional fisherman.